All the things I am doing.


30th March 2017, Elbow Room Live, The Harrison Pub, 7:30pm

27th March 2017, I’m Sorry I Haven’t Haiku, Machine No. 3, Hackney, 7.30pm.

18th March 2017, The Poetry Takeaway, Leytonstone 10am-5pm

4th March 2017, Norwich Radical: War of Words Conference, Norwich, UEA, 12:30pm 

13th February 2017, 7 Minute Itch,Machine No.3, Hackney, 7:30pm.

11th February 2017, The Anti Slam, Hackney Attic, 7:30pm

27th January 2017, TOAST Live, ft Jack Underwood & the TOAST Poets, 7:30pm, Harrison Pub.

25th & 26th January 2017, The Poetry Takeaway, NEC Centre, Birmingham, 10am-3:30pm

13th December 2016, Brave New Girl,  Romero House, Westminster, 6:30pm

7th December 2016, Cadence, Aldgate, 7:00pm

29th November 2016, Rude, Matchbox, Shoreditch, 7:30pm.

28th November 2016, University College London, Roberts Building, 5pm.

17th November 2016, The Poetry Takeaway, Excel Centre, London.

16th November 2016, Blythe Hill Tavern, Catford, 7:30pm.

8th October 2016, Tate Britain, Pop Up Poetry. 2pm & 3pm. Room 1650 & 1810.


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