I have been delivering workshops since 2013. I work with children, teenagers and adults and run workshops in schools, community centers and libraries around the country. My workshops focus on poetry and story telling, encourage literacy and confidence and are based on the idea that everyone’s story is interesting, they just need to find a way to tell it.

In 2016/17 I am running residencies in the following schools & libraries:

Mossbourne Community Academy
Villiers High School
Copthall Girls’ School
Skinners Academy 
Canning Town Library 

I can offer one off workshops, assemblies, half days, or full days of workshops. If you are interested in booking and finding out more about fees and availability please email:

Byline Boys 3

Organisations I have worked with:Byline Boys 1

Organisations have said:

  • “Lewis has proved himself to be a highly respected and much valued member of the team… is highly intuitive and one of his greatest qualities is his ability to communicate with anyone, regardless of their position or background. This has proved invaluable.” First Story
  • “Lewis’s energy enabled him to build rapport with the students very quickly, his rule-free approach to writing enhanced their creativity. The workshops were fast paced and full of variety so the students were constantly engaged” East Cardiff Libraries

Teachers have said:


  • “From the moment he walked in and asked them to describe his jumper, to the end of the session when he received whoops and tears after performing a poem, Lewis had a striking and meaningful effect on our students.” Edith Johnson, Villiers High School
  • “Lewis has inspired me and I have taken on board some of his methods and activities to improve the services we offer to schools and community groups” Katherine Whittington, Librarian, East Cardiff Libraries
  • “It was a pleasure to watch Lewis work and the children in my class were excited about writing, he had them eating out of the palm of his hand” Elaine Cheetham, Teacher, Willowbrook Primary School

Students have said:

  • “Your poem was highly emotional…you opened new ideas in our mind about our identity, and our names. Lewis is an exceptional teacher and an eloquent poet. Your workshop was very interesting and lively” Iqra, 15, Villiers High School
  • “Thank you Lewis for coming to our class. I really wish you came every day you are an amazing poet…I think the whole thing was brilliant.” Caleb, Willowbrook Primary School
  • “Lewis is a great teacher, he makes us learn everything indirectly and in a fun way” Mansi, 11, Villiers High School

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